FGH Foundation

Dear Friend of the Garrys

Over the last few years, The Fort Garry Horse family has met numerous significant challenges. As expected, members of the Regimental family have risen to the occasion and lived up to the motto of “Facta Non Verba.” However, we can no longer ask the same few individuals to consistently assist the Regimental family.

During the Land Force Reserve Restructure process, The Fort Garry Horse has been assessed as the best unit within 38 Canadian Brigade Group. In order to maintain this success and ensure the future survival of the Regiment and it’s family, a new foundation has been established based on a reorientation of The Fort Garry Horse Benevolent Fund. This will be able to ensure the long term viability of all constituent parts of the Regimental family, i.e., the Regiment itself, the Senate, the Association and the Museum. The purpose of this fund is to:

  • Perpetuate the memory of the Regiment and its members past;
  • Provide and maintain a Regimental Museum;
  • Promote the interest in and ensure the efficiency, welfare and well-being of the Regiment;
  • Assure the future of the Regiment.

Currently, the annual costs to meet these activities ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per year. It has only been through the gracious donations of a few individuals that these costs have been met over the last few years. With rising costs each year and a need to ensure continued success, it has become necessary for long term planning which lead to the formation of the foundation.

The foundation will be overseen by a committee consisting of the Honorary Colonel, the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, the Commanding Officer, the Second-In-Command, and the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Regiment, the President of the Regimental Association plus one other member of the Association, four members of the Senate and one to four persons who have no connection to the Regiment. Their mission will be to ensure the foundation meets its purpose as stated above. In no way will the Fund be affected by the non-public fund regulations of the Canadian Forces and the Government of Canada.

To become a contributor to the foundation, there are the following categories:

  • Individuals contributing $25.00 per year – Patron;
  • Individuals contributing $250.00 aggregate over five years – Life Patron;
  • Corporations contributing $1,000.00 aggregate over two years – Corporate Benefactor;
  • Individuals contributing $500.00 aggregate – Leader;
  • Individuals contributing $1,000.00 aggregate – Benefactor; and
  • Individuals or Corporations contributing $5,000.00 aggregate – Major Benefactor/Major Corporate Benefactor

Contributors to the foundation are entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote in person or by proxy at the Annual Meeting of the foundation. The rights for this vary with each type of contribution, which are outlined in The Fort Garry Horse Foundation Constitution. A copy of this constitution will be provided to anyone who requests it.

The goal of this fundraising campaign on behalf of the foundation is to establish enough capital, which when invested wisely, will provide the income necessary to sustain the activities of the foundation. The initial objective is to raise $200,000 in order to accomplish this fundraising goal. All contributions to the Fund are welcome and greatly appreciated and a tax deductible, charitable receipt will be provided to anyone making a contribution in excess of ten dollars.

As you can see by the signatures below, this fundraising request is a coordinated effort among all parts of the Garry family. As all parts of the Garry family will benefit from the foundation and participate in it, you can be assured that your donations will be well cared for. Enclosed, for your convenience, please find a pledge card. If you do not wish to make a donation, but would still like to comment on the foundation, there is a comment section and your comments are always welcome. Also, if you have any questions regarding the The Fort Garry Horse Foundation, please contact the Regimental Orderly Room at (204) 833-2705 and leave a message. Someone will respond as quickly as possible.

Once again, thank you for your time and your continued support of The Fort Garry Horse Regimental Family and ensuring it’s future. We know we can count on you in this time of need and urge you fill out the enclosed pledge card and return it to The Fort Garry Horse Regimental Headquarters today!

Facta Non Verba