A History of The Fort Garry Horse

After over six years of preparation, a new consolidated and illustrated history of The Fort Garry Horse is now in print.

FGH History dust coverThe book was formally launched on 13 April 2012, in time for the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the regiment.

The book is available through the FGH Kit Shop. Price is $75 plus $15 for shipping in Canada. Other international shipping costs will be determined by the Kit Shop.

The book, at 560 pages, begins with early cavalry units in Manitoba on to the formation of the 34th Regiment of Cavalry in April 1912. The story then follows the regiment into the crucible of the First World War, and the challenges and changes of peacetime soldiering in the 1920s and 1930s. Two chapters are devoted to the service of the Fort Garrys as an armoured regiment in the Second World War. The immediate post-war years of re-building and training are followed by the formation of a Regular Force component of the regiment from 1958 to 1970. Concurrently the services of the regiment in Winnipeg are described and illustrated, through changes of role and missions, training for war and domestic operations in Canada, and experiences of Garrys serving abroad in the Middle East, Cyprus, the Balkans , and Afghanistan.

Heavily illustrated with photographs, artwork and maps, the book also contains nominal rolls of all who have served in the regiment since it was formed in 1912.

The Table of Contents appears below.

Chapter 1 The Origins And Formation of the Regiment (26 pp.)
Chapter 2 The Great War (79 pp.)
Chapter 3 The Inter-War Period – 1919-1939 (28 pp.)
Chapter 4 The Second World War: Training In Canada and England (28 pp.)
Chapter 5 The Second World War: Normandy to Oldenburg (62 pp.)
Chapter 6 The Militia Regiment – 1946-1970 (34 pp.)
Chapter 7 The Regular Regiment 1958-1970 (46 pp.)
Chapter 8 Cold War Soldiering – 1970-1991 (50 pp.)
Chapter 9 New Roles and a New War – 1992-2011 (45 pp.)

A. The Regimental Guidon
B. Battle Honours
C. The Regimental Lineage
D. The Motto
E. Regimental Insignia
F. Regimental Music


1. Honoraries and Colonels of the Regiment
2 . Commanding Officers
3. Regimental Sergeants Major
4 Commanding Officers of Perpetuated units
5. Regimental Roll of Honour

G. Awards and Decorations
H. The Allied Regiment: The Royal Dragoon Guards
I. The Regimental Senate
J. The Fort Garry Horse Regimental Association
K. The Fort Garry Horse Foundation
L. The Fort Garry Horse Museum and Archives
M. The Fort Garry Horse – Cadet Corps
N. The ‘Ghost Squadron’
O. The Fort Garry Gate
P. McGregor Armoury
Q. Regimental memorials

Nominal Rolls

a. Boulton’s Mounted Infantry – 1885
b. The 34th Fort Garry Horse and Fort Garry Horse, C.E.F. – 1912-1919
c. The Fort Garry Horse Nominal Roll – 1914-1919
d. The Fort Garry Horse, 1920-1939
e. 10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (Fort Garry Horse) 1939-1945
f. The Fort Garry Horse (Regular Force) 1958-1970
g. The Fort Garry Horse (Militia) 1946 – present